„A trip to London in a matter of minutes!“

London, United Kingdom – The University of Westminster

Written by:

Alexandra F, Mediendesign – Campus Stuttgart

Jasmin M, International Management – Campus Leipzig  

One of the advantages of studying at Macromedia University is the extensive network of partner universities worldwide. Especially for students who want to pursue an international career or experience an adventure, it’s just the right thing. The University of Westminster has something for everyone from both worlds. Therefore, it was exactly the right thing for Alexandra and me to go to London: Gain experience, meet new people, and face an exciting challenge.

It’s been three weeks since we arrived in the English capital. Anyone who has already visited London knows that the city is still far from being removed from the bucket list. There is always something new to discover, even if you seem to know the British capital. The history and lore of London are omnipresent: in the City of London, one historical sight follows the next. Old familiar customs, such as the key ceremony in the Tower of London, give the fast-paced city a certain consistency.

Skyline of London from Waterloo bridge

In addition, the English capital is known worldwide as an „energizing melting pot,“ which is a metaphor for diversity and culture. More than 160 nations live together in the multicultural capital, and you can feel it. Walking down Oxford Street, you can admire the diversity in the cityscape as well as different languages and dialects. As its name suggests, China Town is characterized by Chinese lanterns, Chinese characters, and food. The Vauxhall area, on the other hand, has become home to many Portuguese and Spanish people.

Entrance to China Town

This diversity is also reflected on campus. The University of Westminster is very tolerant towards different cultures, and in every course, you meet international students with whom you can identify very well. At the same time, all students at the University of Macromedia are housed on campus. It is only a few steps from the Marylebone Halls of Residence to the University of Westminster, which makes it perfect for anyone who likes to sleep in a little longer in the morning :). The rooms are tidy and comfortable, and the communal kitchens serve as gathering places for sharing current events with the hall neighbours.

Everyone experiences the feeling of so-called „culture shock“ at the beginning, where you question all the decisions that led to this situation. You start to miss your friends, family, and familiar surroundings and sometimes feel helpless and left alone. It happened to us, but you must never forget that it happens to everyone, and talking about it helps a lot. Making new acquaintances and constantly exploring the new environment helps to better deal with the situation, and then the semester abroad becomes an indescribable trip around the world every minute!

Sunset from Harrow Campus

The first week allows students to get used to the campus and participate in introductory events. However, there is plenty of time to explore the new area. The Marylebone Campus is only two blocks away from the famous Baker Street. Where once Sherlock Holmes made his mischief, you can find restaurants, bars, and stores today. For a more extensive shopping experience, Oxford Street is one of the most famous addresses. Directly across from the campus is the wax museum „Madame Tussauds“ near the London Zoo. If you want to keep fit, you can go for a run in Regent’s Park, which is 5 minutes away or work out in the campus gym. In addition to the wide range of off-campus activities, the University of Westminster also offers internal activities, and there is something for everyone! From the debate club to the cheerleaders, environmentalists, and musicians, anyone can apply and thus pursue their passion and make new contacts. And what is it they say again? Friendships made internationally last a lifetime!

Baker Street

The Harrow Campus is the faculty for creative courses such as Graphic Design, Film and Television, Fashion Design, Media, Photography, Journalism or Music.

Harrow is a bit outside the city center and about 30 minutes away by subway. Still, in contrast to the other faculties, it offers a real campus flair, where students study, live and go on excursions together. You meet an incredible amount of different people here and can experience all kinds of cultures in a very intimate way. In my new group of friends, we invite each other to dinner every week to share our culture, which is a unique experience every time (even though at the moment Indian food is often still too spicy for me).

The campus is also surrounded by green spaces that invite you to rest or exercise on campus and in Northwick Park. The dorms and uni spaces were renovated during the pandemic, so there are lovely new spaces and new equipment to explore. 

Halls of Residence surrounded by green space

The campus offers an excellent library with a small roof terrace, a Sportshall with a gym, three cafes and a canteen, as well as the student bar „Undercroft,“ where every „Messy Monday“ music is played and danced to. In addition, the Students Union of the University of Westminster (UWSU) tries to organize regular events that have sports or creative activities in addition to parties. The first week they hosted a movie night on the lawn with a big screen outside -With fresh popcorn and wine.

Seating Area between the classes at Harrow Campus

The first weeks were exhilarating, overwhelming and horizon-expanding, and we are looking forward to sharing the university life in London with you for the next few months.

Your Jasmin und Alexandra