Bangkok, Thailand: one-day university trip and adventures!

In the first post about Bangkok, I told that we have many trips and events organized for the Thai Culture class. A few weeks ago, the other ambassador, Marcel, wrote about the trip to the north of Thailand to see the Loy Krathong festival and discover that part of this magic country.

Since then, we have been to the theater to see an impressive super production about the culture of the different parts of Thailand and how the religion pictures hell, heaven and the in-between. It was a dancing show with hundreds of special effects, dancers, elephants and even a river in front of the stage! It was very magical! Especially because, after what we have learned in class and the trips we have made, we could identify and understand well the elements in the scenery and in the plot.

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That was not the only amazing experience we have had though. Yesterday we went to an island called Koh Kham on a one-day trip to plant coral reef. The trip was well organized and we did not have to worry about anything. We were the first group going to this Island and we arrived by 9:30 there. The island belongs to the navy and is quite small but with 2 beaches with crystalline water and no waves.

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We were taught about the corals and how to build a coral farm to help save the reefs. We had to act fast putting the corals in some tubes and then we took the boat and the divers of the island put the corals in the bottom of the ocean. We also release the cutest cartoon fish into the water near plants where they can hide.

After that, we had 3 hours to relax on the beach and go snorkeling! We ate Thai food looking at the ocean. I read a book on one of the hammocks that were hanging in the trees by the water and went snorkeling for an hour! It was the best place I went snorkeling so far. There were a lot of corals to observe and the fish were coming in my direction in an even kind of scary but beautiful way. On the way back, we stopped to see an immense Buddha image craved on a mountain!

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I do not think that any other partner university can offer such great trips and experiences! Thank you Chulalongkorn, Amm and Professor James Haft!