Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand, We Will Miss You!!! (by Amanda and Agnes)

Already in the end of November we finished our semester in Bangkok. Three weeks has passed since I arrived back home to Sweden and Agnes has already been back home in Germany for a month. None of us wanted to leave amazing Thailand. To live and study in Bangkok has been a very special and extremely fun experience. We have gained so many experiences while living in a completely different culture than what we are used to and in Bangkok we met so many incredible people. In Thailand and Bangkok, we have made friends from all over the world and made memories for life. If we had the chance we would do it all over again.


Bangkok City Life

I walk outside my apartment, a small walk will take me to 3 different night markets. Close by, is the gigantic Central World Shopping Mall too, where you can always find various attractions inside and outside of it. Once, there has been a beer festival. Chang, Singha, Heineken and another one, all lined up in front of Central World with each having a beer fest and live music of their own. Other times they have celebrities for a show or lately there has been a Japan Expo. Bangkok city will never get boring. Who is new in Bangkok, should not miss out on the Train Market, a night market full of various juicy foods and shopping options, as well as cool bars with a top floor. For crazy parties, you should check out Sukhumvit area, which has more nice clubs and bars, whereas Khaosan Road is a lot cheaper, but kind of insane.



Definitely use the chance and see as much as you can. Bangkok is cool and all, but Thailand and Asia is incredible beautiful and rich in culture. There are different options to travel. If you want to travel within of Thailand, the busses are quite nice. Popular is the Mochit Train Station, you can literally go anywhere you want. Pattaya is quite a short stop, if you have little time. With the boat, you can reach the Island Koh Lan. For another 300 Baht, you can rent a motorcycle for a day. Otherwise, you can easily get a rather cheap flight to nearby countries or South Thailand.


Residence Options

Nonsi Residence

Many friends stayed at Nonsi Residence. They have different sized apartments to choose from. Everything from a studio to a three-bedroom apartment. At this condo there is a lot of international students living, always people by the pool or in the restaurant. The building has a pool and a gym. The people who lives there do a lot of fun things together, sightseeing and explore Bangkok, goes on different trips, there are house parties and enjoy go to different clubs together. At Nonsi it is very easy to make friends from all over the world. A perfect place to stay for the semester abroad if you go by yourself as well as you travel with a friend/s.


A lot of friends from our class stayed here at iSanook, which means ‘fun’. They have apartments in different sizes, which they rent out. They are like a hotel, but on the other side they have another building, which is a hostel. The vibe at this condo is different to Nonsi. Here people do not interact with each other in the same way, not as many international students, and they do not hang out and having parties to the same extent as in Nonsi residence. The building has a gym, a pool and, on the rooftop, there is a jacuzzi or two.

Other accommodations

I (Amanda) lived in an apartment in the S.K Grand Sathorn building with a friend, which is located a ten minutes’ walk from Nonsi Residence. This building is more like a normal apartment building, not really any international students living here. The building has a small gym with cardio machines and a pool with a roof.


Our semester abroad at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand has been nothing but amazing. This life time experience will forever be in our hearts. We all will miss all of it and for sure we will be back.