Bangkok – the „everyday life“ is coming (by Katharina)

We have now been living in Bangkok for 2 months and slowly everything is getting calmer and we can really say that we have settled down. In our residence the mood is also more relaxed at the moment, as everyone is learning for the Midterms taking place next week. I often find it difficult to concentrate because I still can’t quite believe that I’m really in Bangkok.
The sight of the gigantic skyline as I make my way to university with a motorbike taxi, makes you feel very small and it is still a bit surreal,
with the feeling of being at home here. Our touristic activities has diminished a little and we have spent some days amongst ourselves or with other exchange students in our residential complex of the „Nonsi residence“.

Earlier this month we were on a small island called „Koh Sichang“ which is the closest island to Bangkok and it is pretty small. If you just want to relax, without much tourism, you can rent a scooter for 2 days and explore the island. It was nice to get out of this exciting city.

Koh Sichang

Back in Bangkok we „rummaged“ through many markets and malls (certainly the main attractions of the city) and simply enjoyed our life here. What you absolutely shouldn’t miss, is going to a rooftop pool party at the Sofitel or Westin Hotel, one will spend a little more money, but it is definitely worth it.
We also save a lot of money by not cooking for ourselves, as this is not usual here, but to go to one of the street food stalls right in front of our residence. Needless to say, one has to turn a blind eye and put aside the high hygienic standards one is used to in Germany. The food at the street stalls is delicious and also digestible. At least nobody got sick in my immediate environment nor was there any complaints.

Poolparty at Westin-Hotel

So far, my roommate and I have not felt homesick. We are happy to have this opportunity to be here and we try to make use of the time as best as possible and enjoy every moment in this unique city.

Greetings from Kathi