Camarillo, Ca „Expensive Valley“ (by Lionel)

1.Picture: Me (Lionel) and a friend of the Macromedia campus in Hamburg having our first trip in the U.S.. before our semester in Camarillo began,
we decided to experience New York over one week. We really enjoyed the American hospitality – which made the travel to a great start into the semester.

2.Picture: After the arrival of a few friends from our campus in California we began to take a closer look at the surroundings of Camarillo.
Visiting the Santa Monica pier (seen on this picture) was on top of everyone’s bucket list, experiencing the California vibes, that are mediated in movies, in person was very exciting.

3. Picture: After the study began, we went to Santa Barbara with some other students. We really appreciated spending time together on the trip because these students have been a big support for us in the first week.
We had difficulties to find affordable accommodation so they provided us a place to stay.

4. Picture: This shows Camarillo’s beach at the late sunset when a lot of students got together at the beach. Meeting other international students and sharing experiences was an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted.