Camarillo, USA: go big or go home – welcome to America! (by Vanessa)

Welcome to my first blog! My name is Vanessa, 23 years old and I’m from Hamburg. Right now I’m sitting at the harbor Ventura and looking at this beautiful city. You’ll find some details about my life in Cali – maybe you’ll be the next one sitting here ;)


rented house: I arrived almost one month ago and rented on Airbnb a house on the beach with 5 other students in Ventura. We got the house pretty early. When we got connected to each other we started looking for a house – I guess it was in April when we got the house. Our big house has 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, two garages full with beach stuff and a lot more. And it was still the cheapest option!

campus housing: If you are thinking about living in campus housing, I recommend you not to. First of all, there is nothing close to the campus. Also you’re not allowed to smoke and drink on campus at all. There is an extra housing for student over 21 but you have to sign some paper and get through some extra classes, after that its allowed to drink in this house section. The USA tries to get away with rules from these typical ‚college movies‘. If you want to avoid it, just rent a house and have fun!

College life

The campus is just crazy. I’m still getting used to it. Our campus is like a city with restaurants, some stores, police station, gym, nurse room,… – crazy but awesome! CSUCI is a 20 minutes drive from Ventura. There is no chance not to buy or rent a car. CSUCI is in the middle of nowhere between the mountains. The view is incredible! There is no subway and the bus schedule is crazy – it would take forever to get there. So, we bought two cars and we will sell the cars in December. Besides these amazing facts there are some I don’t like: Assignments We have to attend to class and a lot of homework. The professors are really strict with attendance and homework. But there are less exam and there is a less chance to fail the class with all the presentations and essays. We have only 2,5 days (Tu, We, Th) classes. We got the chance to choose between two schedules, so be fast to get the best one! The rest of the week we travel and of course beachin :)

Being under 21

I am over 21, pretty easy to get beer. I’m living with under 21 student and its absolutely no problem to go to houseparties – there are houseparties everywhere!


If you don’t want to get fat then don’t come over sea. You can buy everything in a huge version and here is so much crazy and yummy food. But it is definitely worth to try. Orange chicken (panda express) and pasta bowl (dominos) are my favorites!