Catching up with one of the busiest cities in the world…

Hello everyone, London/Greenwich here

After surviving the first month, we all ended up being uber busy, whether it was course work, society business or just London in general. October and November was filled with great activities and the time just rushed away, we barely managed to stand still for a moment and catch our breath.

The end of October was filled with not one but two great events, just days apart. On the 26th quite a few students attended the Spy Challenge, an event organized by Aisling, Lauren and Max together with Activefootprint Limited.

Our journey began at London Bridge and we got our very own sightseeing tour, not only did we see the most famous sights of London, but we also learned their connection to the secret world of spies.

Once the tour was finished, most of us went to a Pub close by, to let the impressions fade away. Overall an unique experience to sightseeing in London!


On the 30th October a group of MHMK students decided to take a different approach to London, we went out after dark, to capture the beauty of a lightened up London. Our first stop was the famous graffiti tunnel close to Waterloo Station, even Banksy started out there. We even managed to see some artists at work and the group was impressed with the skills that we witnessed.

_MG_0110 _MG_0114 _MG_0037

Once it was dark enough, we explored the area around the London Eye and the House of Parliaments, capturing everything, that seemed interesting. Our trip was accompanied by some great tunes, thanks to the street musicians and we had to stop for a while, to fully enjoy their art.
When we felt, like we’ve taken pictures of everything around us, a few of us decided to head home, while the rest went out to reach the last goal – Primrose Hill.
Primrose Hill is a park only a walk away (a longer walk, so to speak) from Camden, once you climbed up the hill, you’ll get greeted by the best view, central London has to offer. Unfortunately we did not manage to fully capture the beauty of the view, but the image will give you a taste of the real deal. This was our last location, we walked a good 12km this day and were tired and happy once we reached Swiss Cottage.

_MG_0124 _MG_0061

The last big trip, at least in this blog entry, happened on the 11th of November. This was also the first deadline we had, many of us dreaded the handing in of the first essay, but luckily our trip to Hogwarts eased our minds.
Ever since we arrived in Greenwich, we’ve dubbed it our own personal Hogwarts, but with the Leavesden studios so close, we finally managed to actually see Hogwarts. The 11th was also the first day of Hogwarts in Snow, which meant the Great Hall was decorated for the upcoming season and shined in new splendour.

_MG_0154 _MG_0174 _MG_0184

Once we walked through the great hall (most of us thought that the hall would be far bigger, funny how films influence our perception) and had a closer look at all the nice christmas decoration, the christmas pudding even lightened up on fire, we walked straight past the props for the 4th film, the great christmas ball scene, only to walk right into Hogwarts.
From the common rooms to the classrooms and the Professor’s offices, everything was there, even the kitchen of the Burrow.
The potion’s lab and Umbridge’s office were pretty impressive, then we walked right, past the Ministery of Magic, to see the outdoor props and drink some butterbeer.

_MG_0274 _MG_0242

The second building held one of the most magical places for us, the Diagon Alley. Pictures cannot capture the magic of the place, walking across all the stores that we’ve seen in the films, it was quite impressive. For a moment we all felt, as if the Harry Potter world was actually real.

_MG_0350 _MG_0373

The last room showed us the one place, we all wanted to attend, once we were eleven years old. Hogwarts. The castle itself looked majestic, even in it’s small form and we walked around it, taking in every bridge and corner, amazed by how detailed it was and how realistic it looked.


Once we left Hogwarts, we were able to spend a fortune in the gift shop, but after that it was time to say Goodbye. This trip was my favourite one and I am sure most students will agree. The magic of Harry Potter was truly captured in these halls.