Fall in Prague: Cafés, Exploring and Midterms (by Paulina)


Let me just say, the last two months have been hectic. They were equally fun as stressful. October was a busy month, I had friends and family to come visit me and I got to show them around and have them see what my life in Prague was like.  We visited a lot of the tourists attractions like the top of the Old Town Hall, Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square as well as Prague Castle, which I had not gone to yet. Here are some photos from that day! I would definitely recommend you visit the castle, as the actual site is not just beautiful but you also get an amazing view over the city!

This brings me to great places to work at or get my work done. My favorite cafe here is the “coffee corner bakery”. Not only does the interior look really pretty, but they have a great selection of delicious cakes, breakfast and lunch meals and of course coffee. Going to a cafe just feels so cozy to me and brings up the fall spirit. There is also a very nice concepts store just down the street called “Nila”, which is totally worth a visit if you need anything, homeware, clothes, accessories, notebooks and skincare related.

October was also the month for midterm exams at UNYP, something we don’t know from Germany. I had four written exams and one project to hand in. Overall it was rather easy, most exams consisted mostly of multiple choice questions. And as we only have had 6 or 7 weeks of class before, it was not that much content. The upside is that the final exam won’t cover all 15 weeks of classes but only the second one. Also not everything depends on just one single assignment. As I have already mentioned in my last post, the workload at UNYP is a lot higher than at Macromedia, which has really helped me and the fellow Macromedia-students up our planning and time management skills. At the end of November we will have to hand in two essays. Whilst all of that needs to get done, there are also group projects and presentations due. Nevertheless, I can assure you that it is all manageable and you will still be able to enjoy your time here to the fullest!

To get the mind off of uni work, we went to Westfield in Chodov, it is the biggest mall in Prague. It was a little bit overwhelming the first time going there, there are so many stores, you don’t even know where to go to first. One thing I will have to say though is that in general Prague is more affordable to live in than for example Berlin, though when you go into a regular clothing store, you will pay more than back in Germany, just something to keep in mind! :)

Fall here in Prague is absolutely beautiful. Maybe I am a little biased because the fall and winter months are in general just my favorite, but still, the leaves changing colors and the beautiful buildings as a backdrop is just stunning. We have also been really lucky, we had many days filled with sunshine, although it’s a little bit cold, the air feels so nice and crisp. 

Now I am really looking forward to the Christmas season here and cannot wait for the Christmas markets to open on November the 30th! I’ll let you know how they were in my next post!

See ya!