Goodbye America – see you soon (by Jannik)

Welcome back guys to my second blogpost. I hope you enjoyed the first one so far. Today I´m going to tell you all about how I went through the last four months of my life as a student at the CSUCI and what are the next steps after I finished my final exams.

San Francisco


As I told you, my first class started at the 28th of August this summer. Me and my roommates got our schedules for the semester and everything was fine. I knew that there would be much work coming towards me/us, but I never expected that. And did I say, that I prefer the study-system here in America more than the one in Germany? That was a lie. I´m spending about 5 to 10 hours off campus to work on projects, papers and other stuff. Every week. Sometimes you have like one week where you don´t have to do anything, but these weeks are really rare. So, I recommend for you guys to either come to the US before the semester started or to stay a bit longer in the US if you want to travel around. You will not have any time during the semester to do that. Maybe at Thanksgiving or Labor Day you will have a longer weekend to do things you want to do, but not for sure. However, I don’t want to ruin your mood for studying at the CSUCI. There are also some good things, studying here. You going to meet awesome people, have a lot fun with your professors and classmates. I´m going to give you more detail information about the campus in my final review blogpost in March.

Anyway, I did not just study here. Our live outside the campus was also very exciting. Among other things, I owe this to my fellow students from Germany, who are really cool people.

Halloween Party

We spent so much time together and got really good friends. We travelled together to San Diego for a weekend, which was so much fun. We went to restaurants, bars and of course to the beach together, what was fun. Furthermore, we organized some insane house parties at Halloween and had a wonderful and delicious pre-Thanksgiving meal together with our American friends.

I needed to write this blogpost a bit earlier, because my final exams starting in about a week so I will not have any time to write this for you. In Addition, we are in a really bad situation right now. As you may have heard, in California especially in our neighboorhood are huge bushfires. Our campus is closed now for the third day in a row, because the smoke of the fires affect the air conditions so much that its not possible to breathe without a mask. Two German groups already got evacuted two days ago and they are now living with other germans together. Just in case, if you are interested (leaders of macromedia university): the rest of us is safe.


Bushfire, Ventura

Bushfire, Ventura
















Anyway, we have just 2 weekss left here in California. Wow the time just past so fast. So, right now we are about to resell our cars and planning our last few days here. We´re all really sad to leave this beautiful piece on earth but we are also happy that we are going to see our beloved ones in about 3 weeks again. However, I´m going to stay until the 26th of January in the United States. With one exception, the first two and a half weeks after the finals, I´m going to spend in Cancún, México with my best friend from Germany. We will arrive there at the 19th of December until the 6th of January. So, we are going to spend Christmas and New Years Eve over there. I´m so excited!! After that time, we are heading to New York for one week. New York has been my biggest travel goal, so I just can´t wait to get there. From New York we are flying to Las Vegas again.  The last two travel spots will be New Orleans and then Miami. So, there is a lot more stuff going on in the next one and a half month. Did I already say that I´m excited?

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Anyway, I´m really happy to come back to Germany again and to see my friends and family. And also, my fellow students. At least, even if it sounds a bit awkward for you guys, I´m so happy to be back at my Campus in cologne. To have just one final exam at the end of the semester is pure luxury.

However, I hope you enjoyed my post and that you will come back to read my final review. If you have any questions about studying at the CSUCI, feel free to contact me. I will try to help you as much as possible.


See you in about 3 month :)