Goodbye Castellanza Forever

So after our last post who showed the good sides of Castellanza and after some problems raised up, here our second report.

We would love to say that, we went home with so many good memories and that we want to come back to at least visit this place but unfortunately it’s not the case.

Starting with the accommodations which right from the beginning was a big failure. Of course we didn’t expect much from a student residence but we still wished for a better standard. For the price of 380-500€ a month the rooms were really basic, so it is better to find an accommodation not directly in the residence.

We know that with so many people on such a small place it’s really difficult for it to be quiet. The rules were not followed and even though during the day is was quite quiet in the night they all started to get active. It was pretty much standard for some of the residents to start partying at 11 pm until at least 4 am until they were shut down, so if you like to party every night, then Castellanza is the right choice. The ERASMUS guys did not know no boundaries. Also language problems were the biggest ones for us. We have to learn really good Italian to get further here.

For the city: let’s be honest, it’s not a city, it’s mostly a village. Castellanza has about 5 streets and within a 5 minutes walk you’re already in the next village. The prices are horrendous. It’s like Castellanza thinks it’s Milan. Newsflash – it’s not.

Nevermind trying to find any stores, there aren’t any and if there are any they’re expensive as well. There are many restaurants but here the same applies: it’s really expensive. For the bars and cafés it’s the same. Oh and you better get used to really poor customer service, ‚cause that’s the standard everywhere you go.

And not to forget: they can’t drive and you better be prepared to jump out of the way of the drivers. I think together we were almost hit by a car at least 10 times.

Another problem is transportation. There are no bus at night or Sunday so unless you have a car you you’re stuck here. Plus there are no price-cuts on the bus tickets for the students. So if you want to go to Milan, which is 1-hour train ride away from here, you need to cash out at least 12€ and don’t even bother to plan a trip at night or on Sunday. Unless you feel like walking 35 minutes to the train station.

For the University we had following problems: wrong courses and languages difficulties. As governing the matters quickly, we weren’t satisfied until the end.

All in one it was a disappointment, we didn’t get to enjoy the abroad experience.

The only positive thing to happen was to get to know the Macromedia students from the other campus and some other students from abroad, like the ERASMUS guys, who came from all over the world. Friendships were born since we all kept together and also some decided to stay a little bit longer to chill with their new friends in Milano. Together we like to laugh and also experienced things. But still we’re all more than happy to be back home.

E.B. and T.A.