Goodbye Regent’s University

By Veronique & Niclas

Hey lovely people, welcome to our last blog from Regent’s University. Yeah, you read that right. It is already our last blog from London. And that means suitcases are ready to be packed. Final assignments are due, but that doesn’t stop us from giving you one last blog entry and telling you what was going on in our lives in the last breaths of this semester. This blog will focus on all the academic tasks we had this semester and a conclusion from this whole experience.

This semester we have taken five modules at this university, which Macromedia has already chosen. That was, in our case, markets and consumers, competitive operations, advanced topics in business and management, creative innovation, and global perspectives. There are two exam phases in each subject, one at the middle of the semester and the second one at the end of the semester. Both phases were very doable for us and not too demanding. It was a bit stressful because we did a lot outside of university despite the exams. You usually had to write an essay between 1200-1500 words or hold a presentation. Global Perspectives was the only subject with a bit of a different task. We had to write 5 small essays 300-500 words over the semester. The academic aspects are definitely not stressful and are below the Macromedia standard. There is no shortage of fun here. The fact that we did not find our submissions as challenging may also be due to the fact that we are already in the fifth semester and not in the third for the modules are actually intended. However, it must also be said that global perspective is actually a module for the first semester, and this is also noticeable. But we never perceived that as something bad, because we could see so much of London, which in our opinion also belongs to a semester abroad. ;)
Another difference between Macromedia and Regent’s University is that you don’t cite according to APA but according to Harvard here. This means a bit of an adjustment in the beginning, but it’s not a problem.

Regent’s gave us a good balance between free time and university, which we really enjoyed. We could spend a weekend without doing anything for university without regretting it later. London definitely has a lot to offer. It was also lovely to do things again that were not feasible at home due to Corona. So we could go to the movies again or to any kind of event. Corona hasn’t played such a significant role for the British over the time we’ve been here. Whether that’s a good thing now is something everyone has to decide for themselves. But you quickly get used to the fact that testing is voluntary. No one cares if you are vaccinated or recovered or tested, even if it is a bit scary sometimes. As a result, many parties were both at the university and outside.

So, in conclusion, when we look back at these three months, we have nothing to regret. Regent’s University and the people here welcomed us with open arms. We experienced so much from the beautiful city of London. If you want to have an outstanding work-life balance in your semester abroad, Regent’s is a good choice. But whoever looks for an academic challenge is wrong here; this university is about its people and the lifestyle of a global city like London. So feel free to come here and experience it yourself. And from our side, we will now sadly say goodbye to you but hope you had a lot of fun keeping up with us here at Regent’s.