Greenwich, United Kingdom: Our London Life

By Michelle

Hello and welcome to a quick update from London! My name is Michelle and I’m also a Student Ambassador for the University of Greenwich. It’s been 2 months since we arrived here in London and time is flying by. 

After the two-week orientation week, our lectures finally started at the end of September. While some days we attend lectures together with other students from the university, we also have lectures just for us Macromedia students. We quickly forgot about our initial concerns regarding comprehension and language barriers, because all the professors and lecturers were easy to understand, as well as the assignments. 

The university campus is extremly beautiful and a special place. Time-honoured buildings located directly on the Thames and a huge park right next door. There are truly worse places to spend your semester abroad. Greenwich Park is a great change of pace between lectures or study sessions. Once you reach the top of the hill, you have an amazing view of the university, the Thames and the London skyline. At the university itself, there is a Starbucks, which offers drinks and snacks at a much cheaper price for students. Directly across the street from the university is Greenwich Market. There is a daily street food market with food stalls from all nationalities. It’s a great place to have lunch for little money, or use your lunch break to stroll through the jewelry and clothing stalls. In Greenwich itself there are some cute little cafes and bakeries which are highly recommended. 

University of Greenwich: Campus

As we only have lectures 4 days a week, Tuesday was declared as our official „Travel Day“. Besides visits to the National History Museum, Notting Hill or the National Gallery, we also made a trip to Brighton. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there by train from Greenwich. It’s a very nice little town right by the sea and definitely worth a visit!

The Beach in Brighton

Of course, we don’t miss out on partying here. Every Wednesday, the university organises „Wavey Wednesday“, a party that takes place in Lower Deck. This is a small club located directly on campus. In addition, there are huge parties at Halloween and Christmas that are well worth a visit. This year’s Halloween party at a venue in North Greenwich was one of our highlights. The pub quiz every Thursday in the bar „Lost Hour“ has also become a tradition for us.  Here you can get drinks and shots for only £3.50 during the quiz. But you can also find cool bars and clubs in central London, especially in Soho. Some must-visit places are Be at One, Simmons or The Alchemist. Clubs like Ministry of Sound and Tiger Tiger regularly host student parties. One thing you should definitely do here is the Bottomless Brunch. Many bars and restaurants offer to order as many cocktails, coffees or snacks as you like for 90 minutes at the weekend. Another highlight was a visit to the Ballie Ballerson Bar. The special thing about the bar is the huge ball pool, which makes childhood dreams come true. In addition, there are fancy drinks and good music. Also a great place to visit is Camden Market. A huge market with a lot of food stalls. You will definitely be able to explore the taste of food from all over the world.

After the long time without concerts and events, we were finally able to experience big events again here in London. Even though it is still unusual to be in big crowds, we enjoyed the time a lot. In September we even visited a musical festival and shortly afterwards a concert by Fisher. 

Even though it’s only mid-November, London is slowly but surely turning into a little Christmas wonderland. The streets are decorated with fairy lights and the first Christmas markets open their doors. Hyde Park is transformed into a Winter Wonderland. An absolute recommendation to take this experience with you. There are also beautifully decorated Christmas markets with great mulled wine booths at Leicester Square, Covent Garden and in South Bank (right next to the London Eye).  

Christmas Tree at Covent Garden

It’s hard to believe that we have to leave Greenwich in only 4 weeks. Until then there is still a lot of work to do for our assignments. But most importantly we will definitely use the remaining time to explore even more special parts and events of Greenwich, London and England.