Greenwich University, London – A campus out of a movie (by Leopold)

London – fall is finally here and the university adventure starts. The University of Greenwich campus, a former military college, is located just 20 minutes away from the bustling city center right at the Thames river. Due to its rich and stunning architecture, the campus is not just open to students but also to the general public. The campus consists out of several historical and also new buildings. The buildings are surrounded by various parks, where you can relax and enjoy your lunch break. There is even a Starbucks on campus. 

This semester students have four modules on their schedule. Each module is divided into a lecture and tutorial. Lectures are held in larger groups, mainly going through slides. Tutorials are held in smaller groups, where you discuss certain topics from the lecture and work more practically. Tutorials are quite useful to understand more complex theories and get much deeper into certain topics. Every class requires preparation like reading chapters of books or magazines. One module also consists of weekly online quizzes. In general, you could say that the workload is quite good and manageable. Since England has quite the same standards as Germany, everyone is settling in pretty well. Most of the students took the opportunity to live in student housing which is just a few minutes away from campus. Other students decided to live more in the city center like Mayfair or Holland Park.

Greenwich is packed with nice restaurants, pubs and street food markets – perfect to enjoy student life to the fullest. London is way bigger than cities in Germany so you have way more opportunities to go clubbing, eat out, shop, basically experience everything in more varieties. Also, different districts serve to different tastes people have. In Notting Hill, you can find cute brunch spots to enjoy your Sunday Morning, and in Shoreditch, you have the Brik Lane Market. Brik Lane Market offers different kinds of vintage clothing, cameras, street art, and street food as well as the famous flower market – an experience for itself. Mayfair is good for shopping and Soho is cool to have a coffee at or to have drinks. London has so much to offer, Fashion and Design Week just ended and Frieze art fair just opened its doors. Skygarden is also worth a visit, to have a wonderful view above the city. You just have to prebook tickets. In general in London you have to wait or prebook everything, otherwise, you will end up not getting in which is quite unusual in Germany.  The best thing in London is that every museum and art gallery is completely free so in your leisure time you can enjoy some of the best-curated artworks at no costs. Also worth a visit is the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill. It is the oldest cinema in the U.K. and worth a visit due to its charm and vintage vibes. 

People in London are in general much more open towards new things. So it might happen that you sit next to someone at dinner and talk with them for hours like you know them forever. Besides University, students are discovering different districts of the city, planning trips, going clubbing and enjoying the London life! London Underground services as know as the „tube-sauna“ is hell during rush hour. Besides, it feels like you go down one kilometer until you finally are at the platform, it’s crowded and way too hot. After the semester abroad every student will appreciate the German public transportation. The time in London just started and a lot is there to experience and see in the next few months …