I will leave my heart in California

Nobody wants to be reminded of the thing that is coming way to soon – winter in Germany. Although there are of course many things to be looking forward, it’s definitely not the cold or even the snow. Even in December it is nice to be at the beach, to enjoy the sun and to watch the surfers competing with each other…but you should have a jacket with you, in the late afternoon it is getting cold here as well.



Because of the many holidays in the last time, we had the opportunity to travel a lot. Our last trip started with a visit of the Death Valley.  Visiting it in November or December is recommended, because it is not that hot at all. So everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes without sweating to death. There is a lot to see and our day was packed with a lot of sights, for example the ‘’Dantes View’’ were you have a really nice view over the valley or the ‘’Badwater Basin’’, the lowest point of north America, where you can find the famous salt flats.











The next stop on our road trip was Las Vegas. Let me tell you, this city is crazy with all the lights, advertisements, people, cars and buildings. The rumor that there is nothing to do in Vegas if you are under 21 years is wrong. We spend 2 whole days there just watching different water and fire shows, walking up and down the strip, visiting many very crazy malls, where you can think you are somewhere in Europe and just enjoying the craziness of this city. The fact that even big and famous hotels are very affordable and that parking is free in the whole city is nice to save at least a bit of money.We had the chance to be on Black Friday in Las Vegas, which was a very interesting day. I had some prejudices about this very special day for many American Woman, like to rush into the stores and grab whatever you get or to wait in line to try on your items forever. Some of them are real, some of them not. We started our day at the Outlet near Las Vegas at 7 am, which was a really good time to start because nearly every store was empty and you get a lot of discounts. Around midday we went to the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, which is a bad idea if you don’t like it to be in a store with 1000 other people. The whole mall was so crowded we had panic to loose each other and after we visited a few stores were you had to wait approximately an hour to try on your clothes and wait after that at least another hour to pay for it, we decided to leave. If you ever have the opportunity to be here at Black Friday – you really have to get up early!


img_2691 img_2784 img_2805













After we left Las Vegas, we enjoyed the capital of California, Sacramento. Unfortunately, it rained all day, but the city looks good with rain as well. It felt a bit like home in autumn, with the beautiful colored trees, the sweet little houses and the inner city with its small shops. The Capitol is worth a visit, you can participate at free guided tours though the government building, which was very interesting to compare it to the German Bundestag. On our way from Sacramento to Monterey we stopped for a second, but really short visit in San Francisco. The city was really nice decorated for Christmas and it was nice to see the city and its landmark the Golden Gate Bridge again.










The last day of the holiday we spend in Monterey. A really nice city with an even nicer coast. This was a place where we wished to spend more time because of its beautiful landscape. The way back to San Diego was long but the long drive was worth it. The famous highway 1 along the coast offered so many beautiful views that we couldn’t stop at every nice spot in order to reach our final destination at the same day. After a week traveling, coming to San Diego was like coming home.

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Although I am kind of on my way to Hawaii and after that to Vancouver, to use my free time after the university ends, I will always be glad to come home – to my new home in Pacific Beach, San Diego.