Jet-setting through England during Midterm

By Veronique & Niclas

Hello again lovely People and Welcome Back to our Blog where we tell you everything you need to know about Regents University and London as a city.
But this Time, Veronique and Niclas, don’t want to tell you that much about London as a city. We want to also talk about the rest of England since it is very easy to visit other cities around London. And that is exactly what we both did. On the same day, Veronique went to Brighton and Niclas went to Cambridge for two very nice but very different city trips.

I, Veronique, started my trip on Saturday afternoon. Together With six friends, we took the train out of London. The journey took about 1 1/2 hours and started with the mistake of getting on the wrong train because we were talking so happily to each other. Therefore, our outward journey was longer than expected but apart from that without any problems.

On our first evening in Brighton, we first brought our belongings to the hotel and then went to see part of the city and choose a restaurant for our dinner. There is a huge choice of restaurants, so it was not easy for us to decide, but in the end, we found what we were looking for. Afterwards, it was clear to all of us: We have to see the sea now because Brighton is on the English Channel. Even though it was already dark, it was wonderful to hear the waves crashing. In addition, there was a small fireworks display on the beach. Watching fireworks directly on the sea was beautiful and felt unique. After this experience, we decided to go to a bar together. We had a great time there. But since Midterm was on at the university at that time, we returned to the hotel at half-past twelve to continue writing our assignments. Accordingly, the night was short, because we wanted to get up early the next day to see a lot of Brighton.

On Sunday, we started with a delicious breakfast in a small café. Afterwards, we walked around the city again a bit to finally get to Brighton Palace Pier. We really had a lot of fun here, because there is an amusement arcade and a small theme park where we spent hours. The little slot machines and attractions were a lot of fun and in the end, we all went down to the sea for a bite to eat with a small prize. Afterwards, we went for a walk along the beach and visited the small shops directly at the sea. The sea was even more beautiful when we could not only hear it but also see it and finally, we watched the sunset together. Afterwards, we decided to make our way back to London. But before we got on the train, we ended our beautiful weekend with coffee and hot chocolate.

I, Niclas, went on a day trip to Cambridge when Veronique went to Brighton. I and a group of friends started our trip at 9:30 from Kings Cross, sadly Platform 10 and not 9 ¾. The journey only takes 50min and ends at a small train station. From there to the city centre it only takes you about 10-15 min walking and you will come across a lot of nice cafes and restaurants to have breakfast in, which was exactly what we did. After that, we walked through the whole city down to the river cam where you can have a punting tour along the river and next to the different colleges of Cambridge. These colleges all together represent the famous Cambridge University. That was by the way a surprise for me since I thought it would be just one University and not different separate colleges. But these separate colleges are all beautiful in a unique way and the best way to get an overview of them is with the punting tour down the river while sipping a hot chocolate. Can only recommend that!

After the punting, we then went for a lunch break to warm up for the college exploring tour we did. We then ended our trip with a visit to the famous Jack’s Gelato and had delicious ice cream on the way back to the train station.
One day was definitely not enough to see everything in Cambridge and I will visit it again if time allows it. But in the end, it was good that we only went for a day because as Veronique already mentioned we were in our midterms which means that over the course of about a week we had a lot of deadlines for our first assignments. These first assignments build the first half of your final grade for the course, so it is very important to do this and be on time with them. The assignments can also vary from presentations to essays to written discussions depending on the aim of the course. That these assignments are due in the middle of the semester is very different to academics at Macromedia, but don’t worry the teachers and professors will help you with any problems you might have and often also give you feedback on your work before you hand it in.

As you can see we enjoy the time here very much and while working for our studies still have enough time to explore the city and country around us. I hope you can experience that as well when you will visit the Regent’s University here in London.
Until then stay excited about our last Blog where we will talk about the whole stay and one last resume. So see you at the next one!