Khob Khun krup Bangkok, Duiy jerr gan iek kang! – Thank you Bangkok, see you again soon! (by David)

We have October 23rd and my semester at the Stamford International University is over already. It has been a hard but fun time in Bangkok and I will definitely miss all the friends I made over the course of my five months here. I will also miss the Thai heat I almost got used to, both in the streets and the Thai cuisine. Staying at MT Residence was one of the best choices I made because many of my friends lived there and with the time we really grew together, like a family. Sadly, four of us had to move out already, me being one of them. I moved to a different apartment near the BTS station Bang Chak which is much better connected to the downtown area. I choose this apartment because two of my best friends from Germany are visiting me until the end of November and I wanted them to show Bangkok and some other very nice places in Thailand.


Summary: The Semester at STIU

Since my semester ended already and I wrote my last final exam on October 12th I can now summarize my time at the Stamford International University. To get all my 30 Credits I had five courses which is pretty much compared to full-time students. Because the STIU has Tri and not Semesters, the workload is packed together more tightly.  So naturally, I had way more to do than my friends. Much of my semester was filled with studying and writing essays due to the constant flow of assignments what I was not used to. Despite the big workload we still had free time, that we spend exploring Bangkok, both downtown and the countryside.

A friend of mine knows for e.g. many rooftops to get on top of easily. We “roofed” a couple of times which was a great experience and let you see the city in a whole different light. Seeing Bangkoks immense and grand skyline with all the high-rise buildings really gets you thinking and lets you appreciate the opportunity to live in such a beautiful city.


Hua Hin:

End of September was the birthday of one of my best friends and he and his host parents offered us to rent a mansion in the city of Hua Hin, where the summer residence of the old King Rama IX is. After a 3-hour drive to our accommodation, the five of us explored the local night market, something very common in Thailand, where we found many little stalls selling everything from souvenirs to fake luxury brands. The main attraction though was the live band and a famous local singer who sang widely known Thai ballads, while the bystanders enjoyed the sounds with some local beer and snacks. The second day we had a relaxing day at one of Hua Hins many beautiful beaches and barbequed some meat and fish we bought at the local market. This was a resting and needed break from the metropolitan jungle of Bangkok.


Muay Thai:

Thailand has a great martial arts culture with Muay Thai at its centre. Since I am a martial artist myself I was very curious how such a fight would look like Live in person. Last Weekend Me and my friend Lauritz visited the Studio 7 fight arena where every Sunday the crème de la crème of the Thai boxing scene fights each other for a prize pool and to gain new sponsors. The Arena was packed to the sealing with Thais who were betting vociferous on their favourite fighters and foreigners sitting on their designated bench. The Atmosphere was incredible. Thais were screaming from all sides, supporting and shouting at the fighters in the ring. The last fight was decided by two twelve-year old’s who fought incredibly. I have never seen fighters so young being so dedicated to such a brutal sport.

Currently, I am in Ao Nang, a beautiful beach town west of Krabi where my friend and I are travelling around some infamous islands like Ko Phi Phi, Ko Samui and the famous full moon party Island Ko Phangan. I am very excited about my last month here in Thailand but also sad to leave such a beautiful and fascinating country behind. I’ll be back soon.