Last Blog Post – Bangkok

– “… And then I realized adventure is the best way to learn…” –

– Bye Bye Bangkok! It’s been a pleasure. –

The Exams are over! Our Semester abroad is coming to an end. After four and a half months we are here, all of a sudden. Some of us did go home already and others keep travelling through Thailand or other countries nearby. Thailand, you have been good to us and I would like to thank you that!


On Friday, 1st December we, the BKK Class of 2016, have celebrated our Farewell Dinner on a cruise ship. We all had to realize that an exciting, moving, interesting, after all a great time has come to an end.

Personally, I am very happy that I have been chosen to go to the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. As it has been mentioned before, Chula is one of a kind and not comparable to Macromedia. From day one we have been welcomed with smiles and a very welcoming attitude. Not only from our teachers and the International Office, but also from other Thai students you are going to meet on Campus.

Every Ajarn, how teachers are called in Thailand, will connect with you on a different level, especially since most of them are foreigners as well. They will give you tips and will tell you all kinds of crazy stories about their living experiences. I’d recommend to listen carefully…you might find yourself in one of those situations! :D
The International Office has been very generous with us and with our travel plans we all had during the semester. Ajarn Hong once said to us that “we shall go out to see and experience Thailand with our own eyes” and I am very grateful for that.

Though, when I look back now, there have also been rough times and not everything has just been great and awesome all the times. Everybody will face times or situations that are going to be hard. For all those that are going abroad for the first time and have to choose a University –

DON’T WORRY! You are not alone!

All the other students you are here with will probably face similar problems. Still, Thailand is a complete different country with cultural habits one has to get use to. There will be situations you will not understand at the first sight and maybe never at all. I know that it sounds weird but trust me! Be open minded and not afraid to change own habits but rather jump right into it. Studying abroad is also about surprising yourself and Bangkok is definitely the right place to do just that!
Finally I would just like to say that it is bitter-sweet to leave this place. I am very grateful that I got the chance to meet so many different people and was able to make awesome friends from other Macromedia Campuses.

Kop Khun Kha, You guys are great!
Until we meet again….


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