Lithuania,Vilnius: The End, my Friend. (by Jessica)

It’s been a while now since we came back home and the courses in Stuttgart have already started. All in all, it was a good start in the fourth term but what’s very important to me is:  We are still in the same relations to each other. After a while studying in different countries we could have changed in our personalities and relations. We all collected new experiences and gained new practices, but we created also a stronger bond between most of us by going together to Vilnius. This didn’t change our sight on the students who went to the other countries. So, I can tell you that if you want to have a very strong and hard independence promoting experience you can go to a country alone. Or you have a softer independence experience, but with a stronger bond with the people you go together and live together in a foreign land. It is your decision.

Now to the last days in Lithuania… another thing is that saying goodbye was a very hard moment for a lot of students. We all had at least one person from another macromedia campus that we are going to miss very much and of course there were some Lithuanian people and VDK workers we will never forget them and hope to see them again. I mean I can’t look forward to seeing our biggest help Mindaugas again and If you think about going to Vilnius you can meet him personally at the Macromedia “International Day”. I can only recommend it to you. If my blogs didn’t persuade you to go to Lithuania, then he will surely.

At the last days in the college we had our final Presentation, a special task and a surprise in cooperation with one of our Business Planning Groups. Well, the presentations have been very successful also if it was a long day till we were completely through. The results have been very good, and we could see that the head of the creative school was very happy with the co-working of college and students. As second, I mentioned a special task and it was very special. The head of our study field organized a one-week crash course in lightning design. That involved Resources, programming and a little lightning project. We made a spontaneous exhibition in the Vilnius College of Design, to show every student our ideas and work. Feedback and interest have been amazingly positive. One group made a black light darkness puzzle or a disco toilet. One could say it has been very cringy, but all the time looking in the toilette room, someone was dancing and stopping immediately after opening the door. I would love to know how much Instagram feed this one toilette produced. (Haha) Last but not least in this paragraph, is the little surprise. Organized by one of our project groups in the course business planning, there has been a present prepared. The group designed and printed Hoodies with our name and the logos of the Vilnius College of Design. At the very last day of college, we had a meet up with the headmaster of the school, who handed it to us. It was a huge moment and a big appreciation for the work between the macromedia, the students and the VDK.

After this ending of our third semester, I want you to know that it wasn’t the end for all of us. Some students made a Road trip and others just travelled around the Baltic States up to Helsinki. As I see it there are 2 ways of doing such an experience. The first is taking a car and driving in the light of the day the Baltic States higher until you reach the end and the coast. Flying to Helsinki and getting driven by Husky’s through the snow. Of course, after skiing and a warm chocolate afterwards. The second is: Keeping it as cheap as possible with the earliest busses, strangest accommodations and craziest situations through the whole Baltic States. You would have to take the ship up to Helsinki but be aware! The nature is orgasmic! Please do not pet the seals! Well, … If you want to know more about it… you should start a semester at the Vilnius College of Design!

So that’s it. The End of Vilnius, Lithuania, this Blog. It was a honor to call this task mine! I hope I can here some expressions of some students about Lithuania or the Blog and I wish you a nice new Semester!

Ps.: What I am still looking forward to, is cooking some traditional Lithuanian food for my family. As I already told you… That’s still on my list.