The 3rd. of August was the day for which I have waited so long full of anticipation, adrenalin and curiosity. Its 1 pm in Bangkok when the plain starts its landing to this huge, modern and chaotic city in South East Asia. After getting my luggage & exchanging a few Euros into Thai Baht, there I was. 9000 Kilometers aways from home in a city I was so excited to live in.

During 40 minutes of taxi drive to my accommodation I can’t stop watching out of my window. Skyscrapers, Highways, colorful cars and a never ending skyline. Because of 5 hours difference to Germany there are some problems in getting my sleep every night. JETLEG ALARM.

The first weeks are really difficult till I get used to habits, smells, weather, even life.

Staying in a accommodation like mine, the iSanook Residence, is absolutely perfect. Modern, stylish and really close to almost everything.

The university is reached by a 10 minutes walk or a 2 minutes drive with a bus, tuktuk or a taxi for 10-50 Baht, which is 0,20€-1,30€, really cheap.!

We study at „Chula“, Chulalongkorn University in the Faculty of Communications Arts, one of the oldest and renowned universities of Thailand. Its not a normal Campus, we are used to. It’s almost a district in Bangkok with 19 faculties, a park, a stadium, a hospital, a posttation, a museum etc.

The Asian people like doing huge things. Everything in this city seems to be bigger than normal. By visiting the Shopping Malls like Siam Center, Central World, Terminal21 you could get lost ;)

Now, I’m here for 3 months-  time flies guys. In this 3 months I’ve learned and have seen so many wonderful things. Thai people are really kind people, a bit shy but as soon as you get to know them, you make interesting friendships. Except of the traffic, the life here is carefree, stress-free and more chill of what we are used to. People live from day to day, enjoy their lives even though many people suffer from poverty.

In this 3 months I was also part of an historic event here in Bangkok. With the death of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej at the age of 88 on October the 13th. in 2016, the people and the whole country have changed. This loss caused a deep mourning and the once happy and loud Bangkok become quiet.

Nevertheless I am thankful and grateful to be part of this country and to get the opportunity to see things, I would probably never see.

The following pictures are a clipping of what I saw, what I loved and what you guys should see too:)