London Greenwich University Update! (by Leon)

London, the weather changed and it’s getting more cloudy day by day. The exam period is here and everyone is preparing themselves for it. Therefore we have this great brand new library where we can study and prepare ourselves for this time of the semester. Most of our exams are essays. In some classes, we also have to write several essays but everything is manageable. The good thing is that we have to submit an essay every or every two weeks from late November until December. So there is no pressure on just one date and you can really focus on one essay at a time. We submit everything via Moodle like in our German university. We have four different classes and we have to submit five essays and we have one exam. Furthermore, the campus is still amazing! It is always lovely to go there because these huge old buildings are just stunning. We also have a building which got newly renovated where you can get your lunch or study. Its called the Dreadnought Student Hub.

Studying at Greenwich really has been a pleasure. Greenwich is such a cute little suburb with lots of opportunities to go for drinks, dinner and more. If you are going to study here you will love to hear that the coolest coffee shop and brunch place opened here. It’s called „Grind“ and they have several locations across London. They serve some of the best coffee and food not to mention their cocktails. If you are there ask for the „Black Card“ to earn some points and get free coffee.
During the week there is this amazing food market where you can grab lunch. There is everything from churros to sushi, pizza pockets, and the best teriyaki chicken. Also, a huge benefit of Greenwich is that it is located at the waterfront so you can have a nice walk there and enjoy some fantastic views.

Since late November, London transforms slowly into a Christmas wonder world! All the shops like Selfridges are beautiful decorated and Christmas music is playing, setting you into a Christmasy mood. Mayfair is also beautifully decorated with attention to detail. The angles are hanging above Regent-street, making it magical for an evening walk. As well as in Germany, Christmas markets are a thing here – but slightly different. The most important part missing? Schmalzgebäck! But the Christmas markets are very cute and remind you of the ones in your hometown. During Christmas time, Hyde Park gets transformed to Winder Wonderland. Its a huge thing in London and everybody goes there at least once! You can ride rollercoasters enjoy a mulled wine and just stroll around. The funny part is that most of the rollercoasters are from Germany – yes they also have a Wilde Maus there! Furthermore, it is lovely to have some original British afternoon tea during Christmas time. You can have it across town but we would recommend going to Fortnum and Mason or an original London hotel like The Ritz or Kettners Townhouse. Something else which is traditionally English and nice to have during the colder months is Sunday roast. It is a roast which gets served with glazed carrots and mashed potatoes and its to die for.

Everyone is looking forward to submitting their essays and enjoying their last time as students in London. I think London is such a great place to do a semester abroad because it’s not too far away from home, you get to see and experience so many things and the university is just so beautiful.