London, Greenwich – We are back

A few weeks have passed since our term has ended, Christmas is also over and our wonderful journey as well. Two months after the semester abroad, we were looking forward to for so long, we are back in our cities,                                                                  sitting in our rooms and wondering where the time went. But first things first. IMG_1400

Our Christmas party was awesome! We rented a room at a pub nearby, called “The Lost Hour” and lost some hours there, for sure. We talked a lot about our stay and also played some English Pool before we went to a club in central London to celebrate the end of term – and the end of all the assignments. The next day we met at the Southbank Christmas market where we had mulled wine which helped to say goodbye much faster, if you know what we mean. After our student Ambassador Lauren left us, our group split up and we decided to do some things on our own for the last days.

So some of us went to places which became our favorites during the time in London, like the Trafalgar Square or Covent Garden, others went to the European Premiere of Star Wars the Force Awakens and although they had no official access to the Premiere they got into the first row at the main entrance where Harrison Ford, George Lucas and J.J. Abrams came by.      That was amazing!


Then suddenly our group was no longer a group: Some of us went back to Germany very early whereas others stayed over Christmas, so almost every day meant a new goodbye. This was of course very sad, but we had some lovely evenings in our usual pubs in Greenwich, which was very nice.

Despite of all the goodbyes, we tried to enjoy our last days in lovely London and went sightseeing. Some of us went to the department stores Fortnum & Mason or Harrods to absorb the charm of Christmas in London for the last time. At Fortnum & Mason, we took the elevator to the highest floor and enjoyed a cup of tea in a lovely, exquisite restaurant with pastries and live piano music which was a typical British and therefore great farewell experience for the last days in London.                                                                                                                                                               IMG_1402

As you can see we really enjoyed our stay in London and hope that we won’t miss that time too much next year. Despite the fact that we are back at home and everyday life takes place again, it feels like we pushed the “Stop” button when we left home and now everything goes on as it was before. But we aren’t the same anymore. We studied in London, in one of the liveliest cities in the world and made experiences we will never forget.





           Sabrina Hammer and Marcel Proppe