London, UK: All eyes on Christmas!

Beside the fact the weather forecast predicts an “exceptionally severe” winter, „Drizzle“ (zu deutsch: Londoner Sprühregen) conquered the city and let people rush even more. Drizzle´s exclusive benefit is that you don´t feel that bad studying inside. It seems that a few of us already settled into the library as course assignment dead lines get dangerously close and London was quite tempting the last weeks, why most of us decided to rather spend their whole money enjoying the good life instead of studying. In contrast to any other semester abroad location it has never been easier to spend money than in here. Thanks to our professors for giving us enough workload in this case which stops us at least for a few days;)



IMG_1560To be honest, we don´t have that much to complain about except the weather.       We all enjoyed a beautiful Indian summer and made the most of it.





A few students from Berlin founded the `Video Music Production´ society on campus and already shoot one video which       we´re all keen to watch after editing.



On another dimension Warner Brother´s built their film set on campus for The Man from U.N.C.L.E., directed by Guy Ritchie, which was exciting to see.  Those who are not that interested in film production but like to get in touch with Guy Ritchie can head to his Pub `Punchbowl´ in posh Mayfair.





The guys who favour pubs but prefer the edgy part of London usually spend their nights in one of the great locations in hip East London. The drawback for real German beer lovers is the handicapped taste of British beer. Due to this,  some Boys adopted the London culture even more by choosing the classical G&T now.



IMG_1621     Art lovers (or those who´d like to become so) were lucky as `Frieze Art Fair´ took place in October – the Art Basel´s competing fair on Europe´s playground. Upper-class society members and art professionals from all over the world assembled and spent the whole weekend in the huge exhibition tents absorbing inspiring moments.


In the end of October the „James Bond Route Bus Challenge“ took place. We supported Aisling (our lovely contact of UoG who is doing a GREAT job and makes our stay a lot easier and even better!!) in organizing the event and encouraged 60 abroad students to take part on the mission. Carried in an old red route master bus we were wandering James Bonds footsteps and finished with a treasure hunt that let us turn in potential MI6 spies. It was great fun. Thanks to all the students who attended!


DSCF9328 DSCF0593



IMG_1588Halloween as itself is important in that sense as Londoners find a reason to celebrate and go out one week long –  apparently without any break.

By all people dressed up as ghosts, witches and horrible figures, the city´s atmosphere got more vibrant exciting, so that even the last party pooper realised that London´s most exiting part of the year is announced – the party season!!






On the 9th of November Leona Lewis was performing on Regent Street and switched on the Christmas Lights, which let people officially feel the pre-Christmas period. Glitters and sparkles seems to be everywhere and even the German Christmas-market already opened its doors yet (for the nostalgic ones of us). The traditional market will be also the location for our goodbye event in approx. 4 weeks after the last exam; where after most of us are flying home for Christmas already. Time goes by so quickly…

1385678_10200871430934728_977664125_n         IMG_1709



Another nameable event was the derby Germany against England in the famous Wembley stadium, where “Jogi´s Jungs” won again – how couldn´t they?;) But the most interesting part for those who are not that interested in soccer, was the fact that the I131118_213159_1394684oTextCS_51675806-2807166German team took the tube to come to the stadium. It has been probably the only day where it was worth taking the overcrowded Bakerloo line in London´s unpleasant rush hour.






Once you´ve visited London you should go on a daytrip to the countryside. That is exactly what we´re going to do when the traditional Rochester Dickens festival takes place in Kent, which is a great occasion to escape the city´s rush and get into sentimental Christmas mood finally.


We´re sending the best wishes to all our fellow students from fabulously London and hope you enjoy your time abroad as much as we do!

Take care!

Vanessa & Lara