Madrid, Spain: From Real F.C. to Rock Climbing

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One month went by very quickly since our last blog from Madrid and we want you to be part of our life again.

The weather is (unlikely for early November) very good and at 20-25 degrees everyone likes to go out and enjoy time with friends doing sports. Madrid is a city of sports and offers opportunities for everybody to be active. At the UFV some of our fellow students became members in the university teams or started doing other sports on a regular basis. From Football, Volleyball, Basketball to Tennis and Pádel many different sports offer the opportunity to be an important part of the team or just for fun.


Besides the sport at university the professional sport is, like in Germany, a central theme in society.

Especially football is always an object of discussions and reporting´s in the news. Real Madrid F.C., Atlético Madrid and Rayo Vallecano are the most famous football clubs of Madrid who all play in “Primera División”, the first football league of Spain. But also the FC Getafe, located in the town Getafe near Madrid, is a well-known team. Real and Atlético are the biggest clubs and their rivalry is the main topic in the local (sports-orientated) media. Just the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is more famous than any other in the football world. The Games between those teams are called „El Classico “and are a big event for the whole country. In a few days another „El Classico“ will be played in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, the Stadium of Real Madrid.


Compared to Germany there a few differences in the behaviour of people regarding football. The focus of reporting is more about the individual players and the fans than in Germany. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar are not just seen as football players, the people look at them like they were heroes or gods. Especially Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the role models for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. They are both judged and compared about their performances in the „Classicos“. There is always a big competition between those players and everyone is looking forward to the next big game on the 21.

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Besides the love for football, the local teams and their heroes, many Madrileños do other sports own their own. A good weather is always an invitation to do Outdoor-Sports. Running combined with fitness is very common in “El Retiro” Park and the “Casa de Campo” is a popular area for biking. But with the permanent view of the “Sierra de Guadarrama” at higher points of the city and suburbs, this mountain range is the main goal for every Weekend-Outdoor-Enthusiast. Not only the locals, but also a few of us Macromedia Students took this opportunity a few times in the last 5-6 weeks. Getting there is easy with different busses, trains and even a rack railway included in the Cercanias-Network of Madrid. The “Sierra de Guadarrama” is about 50km away from Madrid offers a lot of activities through every season, from hiking and climbing to skiing or even paragliding. This year’s autumn seems to be extraordinary warm which makes it perfect for a day-long hike in the beautiful colours of the season. But also the winter climate in general is very dry in central Spain which is promising good conditions for winter hiking, or skiing very high up. Whether you are looking for the loneliness of the highest peaks at Peñalara or the adventures and thrills of La Pedriza granitic range, a well-known rock climbing areal: We think the Sierra de Guadarrama is a bucket list item for every Macromedia Student in Madrid in the future. The only downside of the winter-term is the early Dusk at around 6pm in November, which brought us an adventurous end of our Tour on Monday and you a slight delay of this blog. But the Sunset and the lights of Madrid from high above was definitely worth it.

Dominik & Nicolas

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