My adventures in South America

Crazy how fast time is running, my stay in Buenos Aires is almost over and in three weeks I have to say good bye to the city I called my home the past months. However, I want to tell you more about my other adventures in South America.

The longer we were staying the more we got to know everything. Meanwhile we can call the people owning the veggie shop down the street our friends, we know to which clubs to go and which you should avoid. We have almost filled all coffee loyalty cards from our favourite places and our classes in university are going well. Coming to the end of the semester I can say that the courses as well as the professors are very interesting, but I would also consider university less demanding and stressful than in Germany. It is mandatory to take Spanish classes which I was very excited about at first since I did not know anything besides Hola, come estas?. Sadly, I have to say I expected more from the class and I would definitely recommend doing a Spanish course before going here as well as some extra hours apart from the ones offered at uni. But enough with the uni talk, let me come to the fun part.

In September we spent ten days in Rio de Janeiro which was incredible. Finally, it was warm! We really needed some sunny days since it was freezing in Buenos Aires. The hostel was 50m apart from the Ipanema beach which is very similar to Copacabana but not that crowded. The Brazilians are one of the friendliest and warm-hearted people I have ever met. We went to the coolest clubs, spent hours at small hidden beaches, went to discover the city itself and made great friendships. One night we woke up at 3am to hike this insanely huge mountain from which you could see the sunrise over the whole city. When actually hiking I guess we all asked ourselves several times if this was a good idea, but when arriving on top we could not put in words how beautiful the view was. On the mountain next to us, probably on the same height, was the Cristo Statue and somewhere we could see the Zuckerhut as well as the sea all around us. There were a few other people who were dancing at the cliff listening to music and having a picnic. If you go to Buenos Aires travel to Rio has to be on your bucket list.




A totally different place we went to was Mendoza which is one of the largest wine areas world wide and in the western part of Argentina close to Chile. If you like road trips in the middle of nowhere, huge landscapes and having no internet connection, I guess this is the perfect trip for you. We rented a car and a small house with pool in one of the suburbs of Mendoza. On the eastern side of this area are the Andean Mountains which are the longest continental mountain range worldwide which are incredible huge and beautiful. The variety of landscapes from wine fields, clear blue lakes to snow-covered mountains seems unreal when driving around. We went to visit small Bodegas, tasted Argentina’s best wines, we drove for hours and once accidently ended up at the boarder of Chile.





There are so many more places we would like to visit in Argentina but our budget does not allow us to haha! So now we have some weeks left and it is finally spring. So the sun is coming out while our friends in Germany start to freeze and see the first snow. We will enjoy the rest of our stay before we then leave for Columbia where we will stay the whole December :)