Namibian Summer – End of semester (by Naya Zoi)

With our lasts weeks in Africa, summer came. The rain got less, the heat got real and exams were just around the corner. During the lecture free time we mainly studied but this was also a perfect time to travel. Some travelled into the dessert, some visited Cape Town and some appreciated the beauty of the desserts end in the atlantic ocean in Swakopmund.

Namib dessert ends in the atlantic ocean in Swakopmund

The examination phase was strictly controlled. You could not attend the exam if you had under 80% attandence or did not reach the qualification marks. When you came to the exams room, you were not allowed to bring anything, but your pencils. Each exam was three hours long but not all took that long to be completed.

The beginning of November came and all exams were written. Now everbody was able to fully focus on Namibia, its places, cultures and the countries surrounding it.

Sossusvlei – Standing on „Big Daddy“ Dune
Namib dessert

The weather got hotter and hotter with each day and every evening a thunder storm would come up and clear up the air. We got over 40 degrees celsius and everything became kind of exhausting. Luckily, exams were over.

One important event was election day of the president of Namibia. Actually there was no real campaigning which made it harder to know every party. In the end the voting maschines broke and lost most of the votes. The party „Swapo“ always wins the elections, so it was no surprise to the people that they won again. People had hope that something would change but sadly it did not.

Namibia has a lot of corruption, in the politics but also in daily life. It is crazy to follow the news of politicians and corruption updates. It is honestly shocking but good to see, as it can only help to understand the world that we live in.

Now some of us are already back in Germany, and some are still travelling and exploring Africa. We met people for life, with whom we will always feel connected with.
It has been a beautiful experience to feel the heartbeat of Africa but also to meet people from other Macromedia locations. Sadly, we are the last group of Macromedia students collaborating with UNAM. It has been a good experience and mostly a teacher for patience and gratitude.

I think, we all had a memorable time in Africa that teached us many different things and those will always be carried with us.

Danki Namibia, thank you fellow students, and cheers to all the brothers and sisters.
See you soon!