Not all those who wander are lost

So, almost 3 months passed since the end of our trimester in Manly. For most of us, it was a big change to study in English. But we all did it and returned with lots of new experiences. A few of our students started on a new journey from there. Those of us who are back in their home cities got back quickly to their everyday life. It is a bit strange that everything went so fast. I can’t say: “it seems like yesterday”. There was so much to see and to learn and the time goes by way too quickly.
What has changed?
There is no doubt that it was a big experience. Everyone was concentrated on what seems to be the most important thing to them. Study, work or travelling. The opinions were individual. And so everyone made different experiences. New friends were found. We learned about another culture and of course there was the aspect of new surroundings.
The mood in Germany is different to Down Under. We perceive the differences at the arrival in our home country. The people we surrounded ourselves with for a few months, were suddenly no longer there.
Also the mentality is totally different. Personally, what I miss in Germany, is the warmth. In Australia everyone was so friendly and unbiased. When I came back, I asked myself why everyone is looking at me. I had a feeling like I had a pimple on my face. But sometime I realized, that it’s just the superficiality of the Germans.
Something that makes me really happy is that I can buy favourable. Especially alcohol and cigarettes are in Australia incredibly expensive.
And Germany has a great Bread culture. Thankfully. I missed brown bread and reasonable bread rolls. We should be happy to have this big versatility of food.
I am thankful for this time and this experience. I am thankful that I could improve my English skills. I am thankful that I met a lot of new people and of course: new friends. I am thankful for discovering the other end of the world a bit, and I am thankful for being home again.