San Diego – Can we stay longer?

Can we stay longer?

It’s our second last week in university now and the final exams are going to be done soon. But for Christmas almost all of us have just one wish: Can we stay longer? In the last weeks everything went too quick and there are so many experiences and things left which have to be done in the last weeks. It is sad to know that all the experiences and the relaxed and laid-back all day life turns into memories soon and the amazing time will be over.

But instead of being so sad let’s come to the amazing California. Because California is so big, we needed much time (luckily we just had 2-3 classes per week) to travel through all big places of interest like Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Santa Babara, Highway 1, San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and all smaller National Parks. A few also flight to Hawaii or the other side of the states to New York City. California offers a bunch of contrasting nature which makes the state really fascinating. There are more than 3000 km  of wood and rocks in the Yosemite National Park and on the opposite a few miles away just desert. But mind, even in the middle of nowhere you can stuck in a traffic jam for hours.

 Joshua Tree NPYosemite NPGolden Gate Bridge

But of course we all experienced a lot in San Diego itself like surfing, going to Taco Tuesday, watching the San Diego Chargers (Football) or Padres (Baseball), eating the best burger ever or joining a typical american party cancelled by the police. All in all I would say that the semester abroad in San Diego is the perfect mix between studying, traveling and fun at all. We’ve all met new friends, seen new places, had new challenges and experienced new things and also got new tattoos, too!

 Pacific BeachGasllamp Quarter

A couple of us will already go back to Germany before Christmas, others will stay longer in San Diego and a few are traveling around North and South America. We’ve clearly gotten used to the 5 month of sun in our face and the ocean next to our door, even it has gotten kind of „cold“ (20°C instead of 25°C ;)) in the last weeks. I think we all had and still have an unforgettable time here in San Diego.