San Diego, USA, The Place to be

America. The Country everybody wants to be once in life. There are so many different and crazy people and so many places to visit. One month ago about 60 Students of the MHMK started one of their biggest experiences.

The journey goes to San Diego in the sunshine State California. This is our home for the next four months. I think for eveybody of us the first week was the hardest week till now. When you first take a step on american ground it feels like a different planet. Everybody is so different and the traffic is most times like a pure chaos. The markets are so big and clothes are so cheap. It looks like a little paradise for us europeans. But specially for our Munich classmates I have to say: There is no really good Beer like a good old „Augustiner“ or „Tegernseer“. With the next stages I will show you some facts about our temporary Home.

SD4  SD10

San Diego is the second biggest town in whole California with about 1.8 million inhabitants. There are many asian and mexican people in San Diego because of it´s near to the Mexican Border. The Border is about 25 Miles away from San Diego. The citizens call San Diego „America´s Finest City“ because it has such a good climate. It is never really too hot and it´s never too cold. Perfect weather. In our first month there was no rain and I think this will continue until December. Of course the city has a team for every sport. But to be honest, they are really bad. I saw a baseball game about two weeks ago and the San Diego Padres lost it. I spoke with a local and he said this is normal. San Diego looses very often because they are bad.

The most students live in Pacific Beach and in Mission Beach because it´s right at the beach but not to far away from the University. The most famout Quarter of San Diego is the Gaslamp Quarter. There are many bars and clubs where all younger people meet together.

The National University in San Diego was founded in 1971. Since then, they are teaching Business & Management, Education, Engineering, Technology and Media, Health and Human Services and Professional Studies. In a class there are about 20 to 50 people. The campus is very small but they have anything you need. There is a cafeteria, a library and a gym just one minute away across the parking slots.

San Diego is very known for the many surfers at the beach. There are very good waves especially for beginners. From time to time you can see some dolphins swimming with you in the water. But you have to be carefull because sometimes there appear some sharks at the surfing zone.


There are some well known outlets and valleys in the city. One of California´s biggest malls is the Factory Outlet between San Diego and the Mexican Border. There are so many well known brand with prices you can´t imagine.

When you have finished shopping and surfing you can do some very cool trips starting in San Diego. First there is the San Diego Zoo which is very popular and well known. Some of us have been there already and I think more of us will visit it. Also you perfectly can visit Legoland and Disneyland from here. And of course you can do a trip to Mexico. I think a few students have already visited some of our MHMK friends in Camarillo because it´s just a 2 hour drive.



Remember, this is just a first expression of our Semester abroad. There will be more information and funny storys when we are living here longer.


Finally I wish our other friends in the other countries a good time, because this is a fact:

We have a very good time here in San Diego.