Sevilla, Spain: All good things come to an end (Vivien)

University is over, we soaked up the last Spanish sun rays and said „see you later“ to our new friends. My last uni project had to be presented on the 20th of December. The last month passed by so quickly. We went skiing in Sierra Nevada, travelled to the Sahara Desert in Morocco and tried to go out with friends as often as possible – oh, and tried to find some time for studying for the last couple exams and essays. During the last weeks it was hard to balance all the uni workload and social life. We all wanted to pass exams with good grades but also needed to go outside and enjoy the last days we had in this wonderful city.

Even though the temperature in Seville in December was a lot higher than in Germany, we all got into the christmas spirit. In December, Seville is full of christmas lights and luminious trees. We came together with friends for christmas movie nights and listened to christmas songs. We even went Ice skating in the middle of the city! It is great to experience December next to palm trees, have drinks outside and walk trough streets full of orange trees. I loved it and I already miss it!

Spending the third semester in Seville was just perfect! We would like to show you some pros and cons of chosing Seville as your destination for the semester abroad.

+ still warm in December
+ beautiful and interesting city
+ city has a great size/easy to navigate around
+ many travel destinations near Sevilla
+ erasmus club + meet students from all over the world
+ Tapas bars
+ beach (~ 1.5h away)
+ not too expensive
+ learn Spanish basics
+ nice lecturers
+ International Office is very helpful
+ Football city

– don’t underestimate the amount of rain in October/November ;)
– university is small -> less space for studying in silence
– attendance is mandatory
– events organised by EUSA are expensive
– lower academic standard (compared to Macromedia)
– difficult to explore the outskirts of Seville without a car

10/10 Sevilla- our personal conclusion

Shani: It feels so surreal that the semester in Seville is over. Now that its over and thinking back, it feels like a dream. Four months of adventures, that I feel so lucky to have had.
The beginning was kind of hard for me, moving again, not really knowing anyone. As the semester continued, I made new friends that I am sure we will stay in touch for a long time. I am sure that we will see each other again. Seville itself, is beautiful. The golden sun that is shining onto the city, makes it feel like a town from a fairytale. The warmth that the day brings during late December makes it also feel special. Traveling around Andalucía and going to Madrid brings to this semester a lot, too. It was truly inspiring to experience. Each city and every town that I went to has its uniqueness that makes it wow. In the studies area, it was interesting. I could see that the lecturers knew what they were talking about, since they come from these fields. It was a bit intense, but its an experience that I am glad I had. During Christmas, I have decided to stay in Seville. I was curious to see how it is there during this day. The city was filled with lights the got lit during the evening and night, and walking around the city during this day had a breeze of holiday and something special. Having this time to walk through the city, and absorb last moments there, and think about the semester. I am happy I went on this experience and tried to enjoy every minute of it.

Vivien: I would recommend Seville to everyone who focusses on having a great time instead of choosing the best university. Why? Unfortunately I didn’t have any practical classes. But most of the theoretical classes I had were quite easy and a little boring. Lets’s put it this way: Going to university wasn’t priority number one for the semester abroad. I focussed on learning Spanish, meeting new people from all around the world (Austria, England, Belgium, Netherlands, America, Australia, Italy, Spain, ..), learn about the Spanish Culture and Life – and of course I tried to do as much as I can to make memories every day.