Stellenbosch: the Summer is coming

Our semester is almost done and the first thing to say is that we are all keen in travelling afterwards. The courses here in South Africa are pretty tough and you have to work a lot more than in Germany. Some of us already decided to do one of the online modules next semester, so that we have more time to concentrate on the other three courses. Luckily this next week is the last one and then we have only two exams left.

A few days ago we did a class outing with one of our lecturers, she was always really dedicated to push us. So, the class outing was real South African style: we did a wine tasting (including a tour around the wine estate and its cellars) and afterwards a champagne tasting with nougat. If you can say one thing about this country for sure: the wine is awesome. Most of us liked it very much, just some boys would have preferred a beer tasting, I guess. In the end we all got home a little tipsy but had a great day.

CIMG6891                                              CIMG6862

One thing one must do when coming to South Africa is enjoying the meat at Mzoli´s. This is a little shop that sells and Braais (the SA word for BBQ) meat. Just meat. You get a big silver plate and they put masses of your favourite meat on it. It really looks like a mountain out of meat. Then you go into a little room at the back and bring your meat there so that it can be grilled. After about 45 minutes it is ready and maybe the best meat I ever ate in my life. Of course you do not get cutlery for eating (we are in a township!!) so you just rip it apart with your fingers. Tissues are provided :) Sometimes it really feels a bit brutish but I actually know a vegetarian girl who loves Mzoli´s meat.

However, it´s getting summer here which is really nice. The rain sucks after a few months and now we all want to get a tan. Unfortunately the wind goes with the sun here but this also means that it does not get too hot here. The landscape is very beautiful when all the bushes and trees get greener then they already are in winter. Now also the wine starts growing and promises a big crop for next year. CIMG6926                                            CIMG6867

Most of us want to start travelling after the end of the semester. Some do a big five-country-trip through Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. The other ones keep it a bit smaller or stay just in South Africa to see all the other cities like Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban. However, I am sure all of us will have a great time and gain a lot new experiences.

As far as I am concerned no MHMK student got rubbed, raped or something else so we are all really happy about this fact and hope it will stay like this during our holidays :) Our English got better but sometimes there are still some vocabularies lacking. All in all it is much easier to do a presentation in English now or chat to other people fluently. 

Meanwhile I got really used to the cheap prices for having dinner at a restaurant. I am pretty sure I will miss this a lot when I go back to Germany. Sometimes I really look forward eating real bread and drinking water that does not taste like chlorine out of the pipe. It is not like homesickness, more like cherishing the little things that are missing here. So I have a to do list with things I want to directly after I came back (and of course things I want to eat and drink). Nonetheless we are really enjoying the time in Stellenbosch and Cape Town and don´t think about going home yet. Cheers! 

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