Studying abroad in Sydney – A great experience


Looking back to the last semester brings back a whole lot of memories. We can now proudly say that we finished a term at a foreign university and created an extensive network with people from all over the world. The best experience was probably living and studying together with multiple cultures. We became partners, teams and friends with people from other continents despite different traditions and values. This has not only extended our horizons, it also had a great impact on our thoughts and views.

„At ICMS everybody wears a suit“ (ICMS)


At ICMS everybody had to wear business attire during class. This effected our learning behaviour, because we felt much more professional and grown-up.  Dressing up is also an important learning point for our future, when we have to dress up for our jobs.  At ICMS we learned how to dress appropriately to every occasion. There were several events on the campus and arranged by the ICMS where we were supposed to look fancy. The girls wore dresses and the boys were dressed in suits, for example at the end of term party, which took place on a boat. We passed the Opera House and the famous Harbour Bridge while the sun set. This special moment will probably be in our minds forever.


After that it was time to say goodbye. People started to leave the campus which was not only sad for us – it was also hard for the campus staff and our teachers.

Our time in Australia was one of the best semesters we had so far and we will always look back to all the good experiences and memories.

ICMS, it was a pleasure being a part of you.