Taking a break from busy Bangkok (by Lara)

Schorcheln im Paradies – Wer in Bangkok studiert kann einen Wochenendtrip so aussehen lassen:

Hello again from Bangkok!

Meanwhile I am already a few months in Bangkok. Just like in Germany we work on different university projects and attend different lectures. After the lectures we often go to a big mall next to the university or eat together in one of the countless street food stands or restaurants. On sunny days we often meet at the pool of our residence and relax a bit. There are two residences here where most of us Macromedia students live: the Nonsi Residence and the Isanook Residence. In general I can recommend a residence because it has fully equipped rooms and it is more easy to make contacts. 

Isanook Residence: 

I live with many other Macro students in the Isanook Residence. You have the choice between single rooms, double rooms and small apartments that can be used as a shared apartment. The residence is very modern and has two Jacuzzis, a big pool, common rooms, two large roof terraces and a small fitness room. The university is only a few minutes walk from here.

Nonsi Residence:

Many of our classmates live in the Nonsi Residence. They have different sized apartments to choose from. Everything from a studio to a three-bedroom apartment. They have a big pool and also a small gym. It is not as modern as the Isanook Residence but at this condo there are a lot of international students, so it is very easy to make new friends from all over the world. The people who live there do a lot of fun things together like clubbing, sightseeing and going on trips.

Both of the Residences are very nice! But It is important to book the accommodation in time otherwise you will have to expect higher prices. The Nonsi Residence was already fully booked when we tried to do our booking and in the Isanook most single rooms were already gone.

Watching the Grand Prix from Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Watching the Grand Prix from Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Taking a break from busy Bangkok 

Since we will have to learn for the exams soon, we used some free time to explore Thailand and nearby countries. In September we took a weekend trip to Singapore. The city was very impressive and we were lucky to be there for the Grand Prix. We watched the night run from the Skypark of Marina Bay Sands. An incredible experience! In the beginning of October we decided to explore the three Thai islands Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Samui. Luckily we had a few days off because it was graduation week at the Chulalongkorn University. We started by bus in the evening and reached the pier early the next morning, took the ferry which brought us to the first island. The south of Thailand is incredibly beautiful, paradise beaches with crystal clear water. The islands are covered with coconut palms and jungle. To go on a journey of discovery you can rent a scooter at every corner for 5 euros a day. So if you want to take a break from studying by enjoying a holiday in paradise, Bangkok is the place to be! 

Greetings from Lara