The finish line…

Hello Everyone,

it’s been a while since the last time we’ve blogged from this side of the world. Over the last couple of months a lot has happened here in Camarillo.

There has been a lot of University stuff going on. Since we have a bunch of tests and papers due during the semester, it was always busy but now that the semester is coming to an end, we’ve all been finishing up our final works.

But far more important than school work ;) have been the experiences we’ve made aside from University. We’ve all met new friends, seen new places have done more things and also got new piercings and tattoos, too! :P

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite…we’ve almost seen it all! And yet we feel like we want to stay more. We celebrated Halloween and I saw the biggest Halloween Parade in the world in North Hollywood. Clearly THAT was an experience. Others had fun at the monthly college parties at CI and saw how crazy the Americans can get with alcohol (now I understand why there is an age limit of 21), Twerking inclusive!

Now that we can all see the end (19 days left) of our time abroad, we look at it with one happy and one sad eye. I know that for a lot of us it feels like we want to go home to our families and at the same time we don’t want to leave California. We have all been able to experience so many new and great things. Our english has gotten better, our friendships have gotten tighter and we’ve all kind of got used to this place here and we know we’ll miss it.

A couple of us will take trips around North Amerika after school ends. Others will go back to Germany.

When I was driving to school with some other people the other day, someone said: „This will probably be the most beautiful drive to University I’ll ever have.“ We’ve clearly gotten used to the good weather here, although it has gotten kind of cold in the last couple of weeks.

This Thursday there will be another really typical american holiday – Thanksgiving! Another great thing we get to experience. A lot of us will take a trip to San Francisco and the Bay Area to celebrate.

We are all excited for the holidays and we’ll all enjoy the last couple of weeks here in California!

C ya!