The Golden Coast

Hi guys, back to the Golden Coast!

I’m here in the United States since three month now – just two more left …

We made a lot of crazy experience while the last three month … I hope I can give you some impressions.

But at first … University! It’s still great! Indeed we have to prepare, work and learn a lot for the classes, but in general we like the system more and more, because it is easier to pass the class and you don’t need to learn all the stuff at the end.

I have written my midterms a few weeks ago, and to be honest, they are much easier than everybody says! So if you are concentrated in class you don’t need to worry about how to pass class.

The weather is still good! Sure, sometimes it is not warm enough for swimming, but ordinary it is between 20 and 25 degrees.

But now to some more interesting news for you guys …

We have been to some real American housepartys and – they are really that crazy like in movies! Sometimes there are more than 250 people in the front yard, on the balcony and other places in or around the house – it is unbelievable. Most times the police have to break them up.

But if you want to get invitations for housepartys, make friends! Otherwise there is no chance for you to go to one of them.

We also have been to some more typical sport activities, like football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball. Some of them are very expensive, but I think if you have the opportunity to watch the Lakers or the USC Football team – go ahead! It is a great experience and the feeling is definitely totally different than in Germany!

In the meantime we did a trip to  the Grand Canyon – it was amazing! It is a beautiful nature with a stunning view.

unbenannt-3     unbenannt-12

unbenannt-1     unbenannt-2

unbenannt-4     unbenannt-13

And we are also going to do some more trips: we will fly to Vancouver and New York, we want to go to Palm Springs, Yoshua Tree Nationalpark, and San Diego. If you organize the stuff you have to do for university well, there wouldn’t be problem if you travel for some days a month.

Here are some impressions of some other things we did:

unbenannt-10     unbenannt-6

Standup Paddeling                                                Dinner in Santa Barbara

unbenannt-16     unbenannt-9

Laguna Beach                                                         Beverly Hills

unbenannt-11     unbenannt-15

 Escape Room                                                          Halloween


So, that are the latest news from the Golden Coast!

In my final report I will show you some pictures of our trips to Vancouver and New York!