Throwback to London

We´re home since almost three months now but lets look back at what happened after we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Our last month in London was probably the busiest for most of us because we had to write papers, do presentations and study for exams so we didn´t do any big activities anymore. Nonetheless everyone did things outside of school.

Some of us went to the premiere of Mockingjay Part 1. They stood in the cold for hours to see the stars of the movie and everybody that went was glad that they did so.

Another thing that a lot of us did at some time was visiting the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. It is supposed to be a Christmas market but except for a small part it has not a lot in common with a German Christmas market. It rather is like a fair with a ferris wheel, a roller coaster and other rides. There is even a huge tent, much like at the Oktoberfest and similar fairs, where you could drink beer, eat something and a band played.

Us three ambassadors got invited to a nice dinner with Aisling, Lauren and Max. The food was really good and we talked about different Christmas traditions and, of course, our time in London. While this was a lot of fun it was also sad because it was the last time that the six of us got together.


We all had our ups and downs during our three months in London but I think it is safe to say that overall we all had a good time that we will always remember. In fact, some of us liked it so much that they already went back to visit friends they made during their stay :)