Weekend Getaway in Cyprus

By Miriam Schloesser

It’s been almost four months now that we have been in Cyprus. Unfortunately, the time here goes by far too quickly!! But still we know how to use it in the best possible way. After we finished our last Midterm exams last week it is now time again to take advantage of the beautiful weather here. Because we still have around 22 degrees and sunshine almost everyday.

For me the best part about living in Nicosia is that it is only an hour drive to the closest beaches. You can take the bus straight from the old town Nicosia without having to change for very little money. The beach we mostly visit is in Ayia Napa – for me personally one of the most beautiful beaches.

Many of you may already know the place because it is the most famous place for parties in Cyprus and quite well known throughout Europe. The entire old town is surrounded by bars, restaurants and clubs in various themed designs such as a Pirates of the Caribbean Bar, a Flintstones Bar or even a club as a castle. For us students the perfect getaway to take a break from our university life in the city. The whole place is basically only for tourists and is designed like an adventure park. That means there is a kind of fair, water parks and all imaginable attractions that you can think of. Locals are actually less likely to be found here – mainly tourists from Germany and the UK.

Ayia Napa at night

But in addition to the local party life there is also the beautiful beach for example Nissi Beach. With various Beach Clubs, good music and crystal clear water – in which you can still go swimming until late autumn. Some people will even go in winter :-) At the beach you can also rent jet skis, do stand up paddling or go snorkeling. Especially snorkeling in Cyprus is a unique experience because of the shallow water (I would recommend to everyone!) – you can swim quite far without any fear.

Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa

At the beginning of our semester we were actually at the beach every weekend and even sometimes on our days off during the week. Because the temperatures during fall is usually still between 25 and 30 degrees. And we definitely took advantage of that!

Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa

I have to say that I have never experienced a place like Ayia Napa and it is a world of its own and something completely different. But I would say everyone who comes to Cyprus should have experienced this place! In my next Blog I will share some more adventures and trips we did during our time abroad!